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The Risk Analysis Center is a major information resource on the subject of risks affecting humans. Its principal aim is to contribute to better public understanding of, and ability to evaluate, risk in everyday life.

The heart of the site is a large and ever growing on-line database that contains abstracts of risk-related information. And a variety of useful tips and instructions from our partners and specialists, which you can get at the request of write my research proposal or on the pages of the website.

The abstracts are of articles containing information about risk that appear in the press (leading newspapers are scanned daily) and in scientific, medical and technical journals. Risk material is also included from sources such as books, papers and technical reports from academic, research and other institutions.

To select and view risk abstracts, click on the SEARCH button to the left.


A Risk Bibliography provides users of the service with a continually updated listing of published information on risk.

All About Risk contains articles and discussion papers on risk subjects. Contributions are welcomed (see contact details below) on subjects such as The Nature of Risk, History and Background, The Measurement of Risk, Methodological Issues, The Perception and Acceptability of Risk, The Management of Risk and Reviews of New Developments in Risk Studies.

A Directory provides links to other web sites and centers of expertise on the subject of risk.


The Risk Analysis Center is an independent service conceived and developed by NTC Publishing, a leading information provider operating worldwide. NTC Publishing, along with NTC Research, is part of the Information Sciences group, based in Henley-on-Thames, UK. We publish professional books, journals, magazines and newsletters, and provide research and industry forecasting services. We also have an active program of conferences and seminars. These activities are often in partnership with major companies, trade associations and government bodies.

NTC is one of the worlds foremost producers of economic research. We conduct continuous research in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, Hong Kong and other countries, to provide original data on conditions in manufacturing, service, and construction economies and labour markets. Our surveys are regularly quoted in leading newspapers such as the Financial Times and are widely used by government, business and the financial markets.

In addition to the Risk Analysis Center, our other electronic services include the World Advertising Research Center www.warc.com, an online database supported by the edupartners.cc leading advertising industry trade associations and professional bodies around the world; and The European Media Center, also at www.warc.com, a comprehensive online database containing media facts and figures on 29 European countries. For further information about NTC's products and services, please contact:

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